Channeling Johrei

We have members from all different creeds and cultures and the Johrei practitioners from all walks of life channel Johrei voluntarily. Read more.


To pray for someone’s spiritual elevation is a very noble gesture. And also the presence of the person that is requesting the prayer is essential for the Divine Spirit blesses those who we are praying with 100% of the Divine’s power; because our sincere hearts connects strongly with the Divine. Read more.

Nature Farming

The Kyusei Nature farming started in Japan since 1931 and after that spread to many countries. From 1971 we have our Research Centres mainly in Japan, Thailand, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, France, Angola, Sri Lanka and many other countries. Read more.


Johrei Association’s goal is to help create an ideal world where beauty is manifested in its entirety, in our daily lives. In order to achieve this, we believe it is vitally important to raise everyone’s consciousness through the beauty of flowers. We hold voluntary Ikebana classes: please feel free to contact us if you wish to come and join us. Read more.

Art and Beauty

Paradise may be called a world of art. Truly fine painting, sculpture, literature, music and other forms of entertainment will flourish in the Daylight Age. Not only these, but all phases of living should be equally artistic, for art is an essential part of life. Read more.

Personal Growth

Johrei Association hold study classes in various areas around the country, this is to encourage the sharing of experiences as well as for Rearch and Development. Everyone is welcome. Please check with your nearest Johrei Centre is you are interested in attending. Everyone is welcome. Read more.

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