The majority of Johrei Association’s activities are organized and provided by volunteer Johrei Practitioners and non-practitioners and organizations who want to contribute their time and provide financial support for making our world a better place to live. Anyone can share the expression of love in action by giving.



Some of the projects we are engaged in are in the work of changing and expanding the art of healing and that of farming, we are also expanding in many other areas where harmony, health and prosperity can be promoted. Some areas in which we apply our activities are broadly outlined. If you find that your particular area of interest or research is not covered in this section please feel free to contact us.



From time to time Johrei Association organize activities such as Hospital visits and practice Ikebana (flower arrangement), Johrei channeling in parks , visits to historical areas and other interesting places around Australia.



Johrei association is a non-profit service oriented organization. There are no fees for Johrei. Our founder, Meishu-sama, taught that we could express our gratitude through offering that which is of value to us: our time, our labor or our materials. If you would like to offer service in gratitude, please feel free to do so. If you would like to offer a monetary offering of appreciation, it will be gratefully accepted. Johrei Association is supported solely through the expression of gratitude.

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